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About Fact Designs

Like most good ideas, FACT was born over a strong cup of coffee with an old friend.

The vast majority of South Africa lives below the poverty line, and yet there is still such a wholesome richness to these people’s lives. I set myself the task of show casing this, of photographing images unique to South Africa, but depicting scenes which have rarely been focussed on before. What I found, and more importantly, what I’ve learnt, is that behind the corrugated tin, and down the dirt roads are warm, honest people, living lives more colourful and vibrant than I could have imagined.

And so, with these images printed onto quality leather bags, Faces Around Cape Town, FACT, was established. Naturally,this became a progressive venture; starting as an interpretation of life in and around Cape Town, the colours, characters and moods of this expressive city.


With the success of the bags, I gradually began to expand on what I felt was a proudly South African product. I now take full advantage of the magnificent flora, fauna and landscapes that are often hidden from us by our fast-tracked lives. And have also started printing on different materials and textures.

All of my work is printed in limited editions. I have not compromised on quality in either the printing or manufacturing of my products.

FACT is a partnership- part photographic expression, part community project. All sales of FACT products help raise funds to enable a better education for children from less-advantaged communities- predominantly through the provision of children’s reading material.

Such a delight to spend the week with you in Joberg. Your brand and products are out of this world and you will soar to great heights – Janet Lightbody

Thanks for such a quality made product. I bought the coffee tray for my mom and she absolutely loves it – Dwayne


We believe in only designing and creating high quality products


Limited Edition

We do not mass produce. Products are selectively chosen and produced in limited editions.

Proudly SA

Fact products are uniquely  South African

Community Based

When purchasing a fact product, One contributes towards providing story books for underprivileged children.

About the Designer...

I have always been passionate about photography. It is a medium through which I love to express myself. I challenge myself to capture a mood and tell a story in my photographs, thereby sharing a moment with my viewers, sometimes one that may not be familiar to them.

Township life in South Africa has captivated and intrigued me. In my township photos, I have endeavoured

to document positive dynamics in poor surroundings. I have tried to capture the spirit of township life. My subjects are always obliging and I find working with them a humbling experience. I believe that the majority of people are good, regardless of their circumstances.

I welcome and encourage people to look and learn about others through my photography.


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