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Since the inception of Fact I have taken an annual trip to the Kruger park to take photographs, breathe in the beautiful low veld air and to nurture my soul.   I have chosen my best portraits of wild life and turned them into fun face masks.



They come in four categories floral kingdom wild life portraits,  patterns and custom.
Channeled and molded by the new challenges imposed on us by the Covid 19 lockdown,  Fact Designs has  had to get creative and come up with some new  ideas.  So I chose to make masks using images from my existing collection,  therefor still staying true to my ethos and style. as  masks are mandatory in South Africa I knew that the market would be flooded.
I had to come up with something different that would make FACT masks stand out.
Luckily my fabric printer lives at my home so I was able to get to work  and eventually came up with a double layered pleated mask showing my unique images.

Additional information


Child 14×14, Adults 19×19


Cheetah Cub, Cheetah Adult, Ele Dust, Ele Tusk, Giraffe, Leopard Tongue, Lion, Rhino, Tiger 1, Tiger 2, Zebra, Baboon

Care Instructions

Wash gently using a mild detergent. It can be ironed.


They are double-layered, the image is printed onto 220-gram bull denim and the using thin poly-cotton for the lining which is also reversible.

There is a pliable strip inserted over the noise for comfort.


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